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Book review: The devil does a disappearing act

Revenge Wears Prada, the sequel to Lauren Weisberger’s widely read chick lit novel, Devil Wears Prada, is a good follow-up on the lives of some old characters. And it is mostly just that. Devil Wears Prada at least had a page-turner of a plot — an antagonist unleashed straight from the pits of hell and a defined, strong and relatable ...

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Let England shake for Shaker Aamer

PJ Harvey’s eighth studio album ‘Let England Shake’ was well received and she earned numerous accolades for her voluble yet veiled political activism. But her latest single ‘Shaker Aamer’ — as the name suggests — makes no attempt to mask its intended purpose. Judging by the refrain in the outro, Harvey wants the world to not forget the last British ...

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Pollen allergies:The Big Bhang Theory

The Paper Mulberry tree has a bad rep for causing allergies in the Spring in Islamabad, which has some of the highest pollen counts in the world. But if your sinuses have just recovered from that season, watch out for the Fall. The Cannabis sativa weed is going to be a nuisance. You and I know it more commonly as ...

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Calligraphy: Straight faced

The smarter ones among us have the rare ability to laugh at themselves. They know how ridiculous it is to take anything seriously, especially themselves. These people are either trailblazers or raging madmen, laughing as the world rushes by. They have evolved to realise the pointlessness of what average minds consider important. Hyderabad artist Mohammad Ali Talpur happens to be ...

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Articulating everyday phenomenon: The distance of a shout

2,652 is the number of footsteps between the three holy sites of Jerusalem, a city where Islam, Christianity and Judaism meet. Those places are Al Aqsa Mosque, the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Indian artist Shilpa Gupta walked that distance between them, taking photos as she made the journey. They emerged in an installation exhibited in ...

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Pakistani truck art: From axle to gigapixel

Some stereotypes celebrate people. We are thus not surprised that a 41-year-old German would decide to undertake a year-long journey from his home in the Black Forest across 11 countries, including Pakistan, in a hardy Land Rover Defender. That man is Matthias Barth, a mechanical engineer, photo journalist and cinematographer, who has just exited Lahore after extensively capturing our truck ...

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