Microsoft says its new camera app is even better than Apple’s

Microsoft has launched a camera app which helps take better pictures with an iPhone.

The default camera app on Apple’s iPhone device does a decent job but tech giant and rival Microsoft thinks this new app from their developers can do it better. Dubbed as the “smarter camera app”, Microsoft Pix uses artificial intelligence to enhance pictures taken from the smartphone by automatically adjusting camera settings and choosing the best picture from a burst of photos.

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The automatic enhancement also takes into account colour, contrast, focus and exposure in addition to detecting people in the photo.

Microsoft Pix doesn’t simply brighten everything but rather analyses the picture to identify people and then enhances the image accordingly. Though users can edit photos in a similar way, using the app is faster.

Shot with Microsoft Pix. PHOTO: MICROSOFT PIX

Shot with Apple camera app. PHOTO: MICROSOFT PIX

Microsoft Pix reduces the process to simply taking pictures rather than going through the process of editing each photo.

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The app seems to work best in cases when there is bright light in the background that overshadows the picture, a problem common in smartphone cameras. Though there are cases where the app over brightens the photo making it loose its sharpness.

The app works on iPhone 5s, iPad Air and all latest devices. Microsoft Pix is available now and can be downloaded from the AppStore.

This article originally appeared on The Verge.

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