Google’s boost to London’s start-up scene

Traditionally, Silicon Valley and New York have been the main places for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses.

Now, however, other centers are emerging as start-up hotbeds.

Google Campus, opened in London last year, has been at the forefront of the city's start-up scene.

The center has attracted entrepreneurs locally and internationally, with interest from Europe to the U.S.

Eze Vidra, head of Campus for Google in London, said one of the city's challenges had been a "lack of density of start-ups. " Previously, the city had missed a center allowing people to congregate and host events, he said. The Campus has created "a centre that people know to go to," he said.

Vidra describes the Google Campus as something between “real estate and software…it’s a building filled with start-ups in East London where Google, together with partners, creates an environment for start-up companies to learn, grow and network with each other.”