Pakistani Desktop Users’ Latest Tool: Language Keyboards

It nearly impossible to say how many languages do exist in this world, if you consider that in certain areas people can speak dialects along with their national language. This creates a pattern of different idioms and languages which is very complex.

Now, if this may create some difficulty when it comes to spoken language, just try to imagine what it should look like in the written language via computer. Actually, the classical “QWERTY” computer keyboard may look inappropriate in several main cases: for employees who need to change their usual computer keyboard to write in a different language which is also spoken in their country or for students who are studying a foreign language and switching from one to another is absolutely uncomfortable

Pakistan: English, Urdu & Co.

Pakistan is one of the most interesting countries as to languages. English is the national and official language along with Urdu, which is normally learnt by most Pakistanis at school. However, Urdu is not the most spoken language in Pakistan:

  • Punjabi (44%)
  • Pashto (15%)
  • Sindhi (12%)
  • Saraiki (11%)
  • Balochi (3.6%)
  • Arabic, Bengali, Dari, Gujarati and Memoni as additional immigrant languages

Students and employees in Pakistan may be in serious difficulty every time they have to switch from Urdu to English and vice versa. That’s why a specific gum soft keyboard may be the ideal solution.

Keyboards For All Languages

Easy Session at is the best place in the internet where Pakistani internet users and computer users can find the most advanced keyboards covers for their devices.

Actually, it’s not a random accident if the idea comes from Pakistan, where desktop users have to change their keyboards all the time. The fact is that the keyboard layout is different for each language, with keys not corresponding to the native language letters.

The problem is that when you change keyboard from your computer you can’t change the keyboard layout under your fingers and this implies spelling mistakes that are due to typing errors. If you need to type quickly and you can’t waste time trying to figure out where the letter you need is placed on the computer keyboard, a gum and flexible keyboard is the ideal solution for you.

Easy Session’s Best Keyboards Covers

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